Tonight, the Nuggets and the Knicks write another chapter in the book that has intertwined these two franchises since the Gallo trade in 2011. In fact, this game, and this season, could very well be considered the final chapter of that book. As is well known in Stiffsville, the Nuggets have the right to swap picks with the Knicks in the upcoming draft, giving them a larger shot at landing a top three pick. With this final piece, the trade between the two teams will have finally been completed.

As Andrew Feinstein so eloquently documented, the fate of the two teams since the trade have been, well, less than was hoped on both sides. This season, both teams are clearly looking toward the future. Tonight’s game will probably not tell us a lot about either teams subsequent path, but it sure would be nice for the Nuggets to pull out another victory over Lala’s husband.