Coming off a road loss to the Utah Jazz, a game where the Nuggets fought hard to remain in the game despite shooting like herd of wildebeests suffering from gout (wildebeests are not good basketball players, and even worse shooters. They have hooves, for goodness sake! How can you expect them to shoot with hooves? Then add in the swollen joints that come with gout, and…well, you get the picture), Denver looks to further establish winning ways at the Pepsi Center. What was once considered among the toughest places for a visiting club to earn a victory has become just another arena over recent years. For Denver to change the direction of the franchise, the first step needs to be to re-establish their home court as a torture chamber where NBA teams – especially those on the second night of a back to back – begin to sweat and feel winded as they walk out of the locker room.

Regaining their former home court dominance begins with beating teams you should beat when they come into your house. Before the season, anyone putting New Orleans in this category would have been viewed as a nutbag crazy-head. However, a combination of multiple injuries and the team struggling to adjust to new coach Alvin Gentry has left the once darlings of the up and coming predictions at second from the bottom of the Western Conference. Anthony Davis is still amazingly good, but the surrounding cast has left much to be desired. Denver needs to take advantage of a Pelicans team in disarray, still searching the wilderness for at least a game path to follow.