For the Charlotte game, I wrote that this home stand could go a long way in defining the direction the rest of the season would take.

So far, so good.

With an amazing win over the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday, the Denver Nuggets have begun this eight game home stand with two victories. Tonight, they face off against the Miami Heat for the first time. While the Heat are not the same as the LeBron led teams, they still have Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and are right in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. They also have a veteran team that knows how to win in the NBA. Expect them to work hard to control the pace of the game.

For the Nuggets, this could very well prove to be the toughest game mentally on the entire home stand. The Charlotte game, as the first game of the home stand, was easy to get up for. If you can't get up for the World Champions, there's something wrong with you. But the Heat are…well, as I said above, they're not the LeBron Heat. They're in the opposite conference, and don't carry the same cache they once did. Also, coming off that exciting and emotional victory, a let down is not unexpected. Denver will have to push through all those factors if they want to continue to make this home stand a special one with another victory.