Right after the trade deadline, and before the beginning of the post all star break games, the Memphis Grizzlies were a subject of much debate around Denverstiffs. They traded away their best perimeter shooter in Courtney Lee, their do it all sixth man (supposedly) in Jeff Green, and received in return a roster stocked with the NBA’s version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Additionally, to top it off, earlier it was announced that All Star center Marc Gasol would miss extended time with a broken navicular bone in his foot (it’s since been announced that he is done for the season). With all this upheaval, many around here (including yours truly) thought that the Grizz would struggle to not only maintain their 5th at the time playoff spot, but possibly to fall out of the Western Conference playoffs completely.

Well, a funny thing happened. Since the Gasol injury, Memphis had gone a respectable 3-1 until Saturday’s poor loss to the really-awful-right-now Phoenix Suns. Basically, the Grizzlies just know how to win NBA games. Whether they can maintain things through the remainder of the season is still a question, but what has been answered is whether or not the Grizzlies would lay down and die. They will not. If Denver wants to begin this seven game home stand on a winning note, they are going to have to play well enough to win the game. Memphis will not give it to them.