Warm up Game 2 for Kenneth Faried and Team USA. They are on TV, as we speak, and Nuggets forward Faried made the start along with Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Steph Curry. Before the game began, the broadcast team mentioned that Mike Krzyzewski wants to make two cuts after tonight's game to the team. Faried is still holding onto a roster spot and showed against Brazil that he still plays harder than anyone on the floor.

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It has been really cool seeing Faried represent the Nuggets and the U.S.A. at the same time. He's a joy to watch play and is getting a chance to play with some of the best in the NBA. This should be a good experience for Faried. He gets to learn from a great coaching staff and he'll see the habits of his colleagues and hopefully pick up a few things. Will this experience change Faried? I hope he takes away many things from the experience.

Even though I'm terrified of an injury for the Nuggets forward, he'd likely be playing somewhere else and you cannot gain a better off-season experience than playing with Team USA. Here's hoping Faried sticks for the FIBA World Cup.

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