Enjoy this everyone. This team wasn’t in the playoffs for years and now we are legitimately talking about trying to close out in 6 and go to the WCF. This team is fun and likable, let’s appreciate this while we have it.

I’d also ask that you don’t go to blazer’s edge and troll. We all complain about trolls when they come here, and I've spent significant time trying to remove them from the comments. Let’s not be the same problem for other sites. Talk basketball, support the team, but let’s be a fan base that isn’t trolling and being jerks in our teams first playoff run in years.

We use these threads to discuss the game as it’s happening; post your comments, observations, cats gifs, and thoughts below. If we get significantly more than 500 comments, we’ll create a new thread to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Let’s keep the discussion on topic and respectful.