For the third time in twelve games, the Denver Nuggets face the challenge of a back to back road game. And, for the second time, they face one of top teams in the league. Tonight, against the San Antonio Spurs, Denver has the opportunity to exorcise the performances they've shown against the Warriors and the Suns. They don't even have to win to do so, just come out in the first half with defensive effort and a willingness to share the ball on offense.

Simply those two things would have changed the bitter taste of the previous two – even if they had still suffered blowout losses. Against both Phoenix and Golden State, the Nuggets came out with all the energy and speed of a sloth and fell behind – way, way, way behind – before the end of the first quarter, and were out of the game by halftime. At least against the Warriors, the Nuggets somewhat redeemed themselves by fighting back in the second half. Against the Suns, they laid on their backs and exposed their soft, furry underbelly. I am sure that coach Malone would be accepting (not satisfied or happy) of a loss if the team plays close to their potential. We should know within the first five minutes of the game whether that can happen or not.