In their last game, the Suns, led by their exciting back court of Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight dominated the Los Angeles Clippers. Granted, the Clippers were without Chris Paul and JJ Redick, and Blake Griffin was ejected for his second technical foul in the 2nd quarter, but those two players were simply dominant. If the Nuggets want any chance of adding another win to their current streak, they must contain these two.

This is no simple task, as both can hit consistently from downtown and drive past defenders. If it were up to me (and it isn’t) I would put Gary Harris on Bledsoe and Emmanuel Mudiay on Knight. I’m not sure that Mudiay has the quickness to stay with the lightning fast Bledsoe, and Harris doesn’t have the length to bother Knight’s jump shot. We’ll see how Michael Malone decides to manage this match up.

Right now, Denver is riding high. They've pulled out wins while not playing consistently good basketball. They've shown flashes of the team they could become, but as of yet have not put it all together for a complete game. I expect the ragged performances to continue for a while – perhaps all season – given our young starting back court. With all that being said, what they haven't lacked in almost every game is effort. As long as that continues game in and game out, everything else, including wins, will follow.