The Denver Nuggets look to build on their win over the Toronto Raptors with a game against the worst team in the league, record-wise at least, in the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. Philly fields a team stocked with young (D-League) talent, but the Nuggets won’t get to face the third pick in the draft, Jahlil Okafor, who will be serving the second game of his two game suspension for fighting outside a Boston night spot.

In any accounting, and probably for one of the few times this year, the Nuggets have a lot more talent than their opponent. However, Sixers coach Brett Brown has his undermanned team playing hard and with passion pretty much every night out. In many ways, they remind me of one of my favorite Nuggets squads (even though they were gawdawful), the Jeff Bzdelik coached, Junior Harrington led 2002-03 Denver Nuggets. They were awful, couldn’t win, but they played hard every single night.

The biggest challenge apparently facing the Nuggets is the 11 AM start time. What ad wizard came up with this shit?!??!?

Stand Up & Win – Jerry Seinfeld SNL sketch from Anonymously Anonymous on Vimeo.