Welp. This is it, then. This is the last time that the Denver Nuggets will face Kobe Bryant in a basketball game. And you know what? I really couldn't care less. I get how respected he is among the players. I get that he has fans throughout the world. I get that he's viewed as one of the top 10 players of all time. None of that really matters to me. I've personally never been a fan of his game. In contrast, watching Michael Jordan play, even as a Nuggets fan, was sublime. Kobe, for all his greatness, never did that for me (even before the incident in Eagle, CO).

Other than that, tonight's game features a really bad team hosting a pretty bad to mediocre team. Much like their last game against the Sixers, this is a game the Nuggets should win. But if the Sixers game taught us – or the team – anything, it is that the Nuggets aren't good enough to go into a game that they should win, play like they expect to win, and then actually win the game. Denver should win this game, but they need to play it like they have played against the Warriors, Raptors, and others.