Coming off the first game of the road trip where they actually decided to play defense (and surprise, surprise…they won the game), the Denver Nuggets finish off the trip against the best team in the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Denver was able to overcome the Hornets with pretty good perimeter defense, better interior defense, and a bit of offense. if they want to head back to the mile high city with a good taste in their mouths, they are going to need to step up their game above what they did to win in Charlotte.

Cleveland has a pretty good player you all might have heard of – LeBron James. While to my eye, he hasn’t seemed to be quite as dominant this season as in past years, that’s kind of like saying that the Empire State Building isn’t the tallest in the world anymore. It’s still damn tall and really bloody impressive. Unfortunately for the Nuggets perspective, they will be guarding him with journeyman Jakarr Sampson. Jakarr has done some nice things since being picked up by the team, but I think we’ll have to give a slight edge to the Cavs in this match up. Hopefully, even if the Nuggets can’t pull off a victory, I hope the team provides the effort – especially on the defensive end – that we saw against the Hornets.