Two seasons ago, Charlotte made a surprise run into the Eastern conference playoffs. Last season, they fell into a pit of despair named Lance Stephenson. This season, they have righted the ship, and are playing some of the best ball in the league since the All Star break (minus the two teams made of cyborgs and aliens – the Warriors and the Spurs). On this road trip, by contrast, Denver is, well, not. Defensively, they’ve looked like kind of like this the last three games:

As I stated last game thread, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nuggets lost all five games on this trip. With that being said, I do want to see them compete on the defensive side of the ball. As coach Michael Malone likes to say, the Nuggets need to make Charlotte “feel them.” If they do that, if they commit on the defensive side of the ball, then I can accept the outcome regardless.

Side note: I won't be home until after the game is probably over. Behave yourselves.