So, think about this…the Nets, with a glorious record of 22-31, currently is the 8th seed in the eastern conference playoff race. Make no mistake, they are an overpriced, aging team, who is not very good, yet they are currently a playoff team. And, when you look at the teams below them in the East, it's not out of the realm of possibility that they make the playoffs this year.

For this reason, and this reason only, I'm thankful that the Nuggets are in the West. If this team were in the East, I can almost guarantee that we would be "trying to make a playoff push." This, despite the obvious deficiencies on this team in both the roster and coaching.

For me, making the playoffs isn't enough anymore. For 10 years, the playoffs were a given. Almost as much of a given was the immediate disappointment of a first round ouster. We don't need to examine the reasons for those ousters. Suffice it to say that this fan wants more, wants a chance to compete for a title. Those ten years gave us exciting, fun basketball. They also never really gave us that chance I'm longing for ('09, despite protestations, the best team won).

I hate where the Nuggets are right now. Hate, hate, hate. However, I would hate it even more if we were in the East.

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