Series: Denver leads 2-0

This early start is really going to be quite weird. 11 a.m. tip for us Denverites.


 Nate's Keys to the Game:

  1. Get aggressive on offense EARLY. The crowd will surely be fired up for the first home game. Denver has the Hornets on the ropes with two big wins so letting the Bugs know early that it's going to be more of the same will be vital.
  2. Control the boards. Nothing gets the home crowd fired up more than second chance points and put back dunks … see Andersen, Chris or Martin, Kenyon.
  3. Unleash Dahntay Jones. I'm sure Karl will continue to ride the hot hand or hands of Jones on Chris Paul.
  4. Protect the arc. Rasual Butler and Peja Stojakovic were hot in Game 2 from deep and it will be key for Denver not to get sucked in on Paul's dribble drives and for Melo and Co. to continue to smother NOLA's shooters.
  5. ATTACK! The rim is the Nuggets' friend. By attacking the hoop not only do the Nuggets have the higher percentage shots, but they will have the ability to get the Hornets into foul trouble.
  6. Make your foul shots. Denver was just 13-21 in Game 3 and 2-10 without Billups' 11-11 performance. If the Nuggets attack the rim they must make the Hornets pay by making their shots from the charity stripe.
  7. Share the ball. The Nuggets will go into jumpshot mode on the road if they are playing from behind. It's uncanny how the "one-on-one" mentality will take over on the road, away from the friendly confines of The Can. If Denver follows points #1 and #5 then playing from behind should not be the case.

If the Nuggets can follow these 7 steps then they will win Game 3 …

Did I just use 7 steps out of nowhere? Or did I use 7 steps because of the man pictured above?! In Billups we trust.


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