Danilo Gallinari sat down at Nuggets Media Day on Monday September, 29th to talk about a whole range of subjects. In part one, Gallo talks about playing Timofey Mozgov one on one after practice, playing with Nate Robinson again in a ‘brothers reunion’, and his thought’s on Kenneth Faried’s summer adventure with FIBA.

Gallo is a funny dude, and take particular notice of his reference to Mozzy, and then go back and watch the Mozgov interview posted a couple days ago and look for Mozzy's response to Nate Timmons question about post play. It's clear that the Russian and the Italian have a good friendship, and if one thing has struck me in these early days of camp it's that everyone seems to like each other. The "vibe" is very positive. Very upbeat. Now, this can change as camp wears on and competition heats up, but it is definitely and encouraging sign.

Part 2 will be up later.