Danilo Gallinari sat down with Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 for an interview shortly before he left for Italy last week. It's an interesting window into Gallo's frustration with the botched procedure on his knee last year and his hope for a new year.

Watch the interview right here

Some of the blanks I can fill in here are that, yes, Gallo was upset after the initial procedure he had at the Steadman Clinic in Vail didn't perform as was told to him. He was sold on something that was supposed to get him on the court at an accelerated rate … and it turned out to be a failure and cost him a year. I think anyone would be upset at that.

Who knows what the future holds for the Nuggets. Who knows if it includes Gallo. It is refreshing to hear an NBA player saying they want to spend their career in Denver though. You don't hear that often enough and it's nice to hear. After Carmelo Anthony left us for "greener" pastures in New York, hearing of someone who actually likes living in the Mile High City gives me hope that others will feel the same way as well.

At least, that is the hope.

Check out the interview. Gallo shows his scars on his knees as well.