Danilo Gallinari is in his native Italy, talking in a press conference about a partnership between the NBA and UBI (Union of Italian Banks) called NBA-Evolution. What would normally be a ho-hum presser about corporate sponsorship and partnerships was very notable for Denver Nuggets fans. In particular a revelation that no one had heard about before now.

In regards to a question about playing in Italy once again (not for the national team)

On the market and the opportunity to return to Europe

< In Denver I am very well, there was a chance last year to go to some other team before the deadline in February, but I refused. If I return to Italy would be back to Olympia but with the intention of winning, I don't like the idea of nostalgic revisiting

(Translation courtesy of Bing Translation, and confirmed by individuals who were at the press conference)

This is something that, in the very least, no one had reported on prior to now, and it’s a bit of a shocking revelation, similar to Darrell Arthur declining to be traded at last year’s deadline as well. Gallo seems to be saying the Nuggets asked if he wanted to go somewhere else, and he refused.

Gallo seems exceedingly confident about the Nuggets prospects next season. Next segment in reporting of the press conference by our friend Laura Cristaldi from the Spanish site Somosbasket:

(Translated from Spanish)

"I've been in the United States for eight years, this will be my ninth season in NBA, I consider myself fortunate to have realized the dream of all children who play basketball. Now my goal is to win something in Denver, I’ve played there for five years now and I love it. I am very well and I hope to win with the Nuggets. Although “Super Teams” are now fashionable such as Golden State and Cleveland, to win in Denver this season will be very difficult for everyone."

Interesting stuff from Danilo Gallinari. He seems to clearly love being in Denver, which is a rarity in the NBA. Hopefully plays such as Gallo and DA can influence other players to have such dedication to stay in the city.


Our Friend Laura Cristaldi referred us to this quote from Gallo in May

So Gallo was opposed to a possible move in February, when Clippers and Celtics showed a strong interest in acquiring his services .    

 " It made no sense to go at that time”

Very interesting.

*Stiffs commenter John Kobbeman identified the initial article that contained Gallo’s quote on the Rooster’s facebook page. Thank you John