In an interview published this morning in the Italian sports publication La Gazzetta dello Sport, Danilo Gallinari explains why he is out of the lineup the last two games (knee bruise suffered in Portland Trail Blazers game two weeks ago, right knee).

He goes on to explain that he's not entirely sure why he isn't playing more, or why the decision was made for him to come off the bench.

Two starting team of 21: explanations?
“I have not been explained. I do not think that has to do with the knee, because physically I’m fine. You should ask the coach. I talked, but I fear that the situation will remain this. It ‘s the way he wants to manage the team and me “.

(all of these quotes come from Google Translate, so you'll have to excuse the rough translation)

While we can all look at Gallo and say, “Dude, Wilson Chandler has been playing great and you’re coming off of ACL surgery. There’s your answer” (which is very much true) There’s also a feeling as “why” Gallo feels like his status in the rotation hasn’t been explained to him.

Additionally, there is this quote about the type of offense the Nuggets are running

It depends on the patterns of coach Shaw, which fit less to its characteristics?
“But the problem is this: I had to describe how we play, I would not know where to start. We change every time, at this time we do not have our trademark. I am versatile, one that can adapt to any type of form: in short, a solution for me would always be there. Of course in the last races I played so little, that prove decisive in those scraps I see it hard. And the knee has nothing to do, I have no time limitations. “

Then, there is this:

In certain games, the Nuggets Shaw reminiscent of Karl.
“He wants to play with the system there. But it is not working much. When a team goes through periods of ups and downs like ours, there are many reasons, not just one. We should create an identity more accurate in attack and defense. Playing time and established roles. In winning teams do well. “

All in all you see quotes of an extremely frustrated player who is very likely just as frustrated with himself as he is Brian Shaw. Gallo won’t be traded anytime soon, and Brian Shaw will not be let go any time soon. It’s up to the two of them to learn how they can best use Gallo on the court. BOTH, player and coach need to figure this out. This is beyond just someone needing to play better at this point. Clearly there are serious communication issues between the two, and for the Nuggets to succeed this season this needs to be figured out asap.