You can always tell when Kobe Bryant is annoyed with another player. When Arron Afflalo was causing Kobe to shoot 10-32 or something, Kobe would always dismiss AAA, as if he was just a body standing in front of him when everyone on the planet (including myopic Lakers fans) would say that Afflalo got to him.

Now it’s Danilo Gallinari’s turn. When asked by Dave Krieger (former Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post columnist) about Gallo’s defense … well, Kobe turned in his typical dismissive, condescending, annoyed response. One thing about Kobe, when someone annoys him on defense he will dismiss them as someone who had literally nothing to do with his horrible shooting night.

Some of this is true. Kobe Bryant, at times, has horrific shot-selection. He WILL shoot the Lakers out of games. That actually didn't happen last night, as Gallinari's length clearly bothered Kobe in the 4th quarter … forcing Bryant to (reluctantly) pass the ball or occasionally put up a shot that he had to over-arc over Gallo's length. This rendered Kobe ineffective during the fourth quarter (a particularly brilliant move when Kobe is tired).

George Karl deserves credit for putting Gallo on Kobe in the 4th, and Gallo deserves credit for stepping up to the challenge when his shot was off.