Italy and Holland played a “friendly” in the Eurobasket final that got a little less friendly. Recent Denver Nugget Danilo Gallinari found himself in a scrap with Dutch center Jito Kok on a foul shot by another Italian player. As quickly as things escalate in the video below, you’d have to wonder what transpired before this play between the two. Coming to blows was a decided rarity for Gallo in all his years in Denver.

A rare moment of pique for Gallo, and no news yet (that I can find) on the game’s final score. Italy was on a tear coming into the game, having destroyed Belarus 96-36 to advance to the Final. It looks as if Gallo may have even suffered a hand injury in the scrap:

Maybe Gallo is inspired by his new power forward these days… (thanks for that joke, K)


Apparently Gallo fractured his hand with that right hook, and will miss EuroBasket. Crazy turn of events! Not sure if it’s more ironic since it happened to Gallo, a guy somewhat known for freak injuries. Or if it’s more ironic that it happened to the Clippers, an organization known for their freak injuries. Speedy recovery, Rooster! Get well soon.