"I still want to punch somebody in the face — I don't know who, but, I still want to punch somebody. Make somebody suffer"

So there’s that quote from Danilo Gallinari talking about his injury. It’s good to see Gallo feisty about his injury and not depressed. Although I’d be a little worried if I was someone who was offered up for Gallo to punch in the face. Let’s hope my number in the face punching lottery doesn’t come up.

Don’t want to spoil the interview so I won’t quote too extensively. Gallo also spoke to Vic Lombardi about Wilson Chandler, where he will get his surgery, his mom’s initial diagnosis of his injury, and much more in this 12 minute interview. Very well done by Vic Lombardi and it is a must-view.

ACL injuries are tricky. Luckily for Gallo he didn't suffer any additional tearing or ligament damage. This will make recovery much simpler and hopefully he will come back stronger.

Oh, and Gallo also makes a prediction about when he will return from injury.

Click the link here to watch.


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