Mike Olson is rarely on Twitter. He limits the use of his @visiblemike account to retweets and likes of the content his colleagues churn out at the Stiffs, his online persona juxtaposing harshly with that of the blog boys and #NBATwitter staples that comprise the digital world he lives on the edges of.

Mike is our Thoreau, waking most mornings and choosing to walk away from it all, towards the wilderness—the real world, a life outside of the Blog/Twittersphere that consumes so many of us. But he still takes the occasional trip “downtown” for the necessities, like watching every Nuggets game, and his weekly column, a fixture at our site for nearly five years.

Mike and I spoke over the phone this week in the latest conversation for Full Court Press, just the second time we’ve communicated without our thumbs. We spoke about Mike’s love of writing, his late introduction to the game, and the challenges of trying to bridge the geographical gap as a Nuggets writer in Lakerland.

There is no kinder or more creative person on our staff than Mike Olson and I hope the listeners enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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