The "Rocky Mountain Showdown" is upon us. Two rebuilding football programs face off, once again, in the first game of the season. They say it's state bragging rights, but lately it's been first step in just surviving the season … particularly for the Colorado Buffaloes. The Colorado State Rams seem to have a head start on their rebuilding project.

One thought though. Even though this has been billed as a big game, it's always been a bit misleading. The Buffs have always had more to lose than to gain in this game, and this is almost entirely to do with the conference disparity. Whether it be in the Big 8 vs WAC, or Big 12 vs Mountain West, or Pac 12 vs Mountain West … in college football if you beat a team in what is perceived as a "lesser" conference you gain nothing. You lose, you lose a chance at a title. That's no fault of CSU, it's just do to the messed up nature of NCAA football. CU has literally nothing to gain in this state rivalry. If CSU was in one of the big conferences it would much easier to take for the Buffs and their program.

CU had a big brother syndrome with Nebraska. Lets face it, the Cornhuskers had the big time advantage over CU in the all time series, and was always "punching up" to the team from Nebraska. However, even then was more "even" footing because, until recently, CU and Neb were in the same conference. CU and CSU have never been.

It's always been strange to me how this game has been built up. There is a very good, and I would say LIKELY chance that CSU will win tonight. May even win handily. CSU get's a "beat Pac 12 school" on their resume and it will HELP them no matter how bad CU is. In the unlikely event my Buffs win, it will be great for the progression of the team, nothing for the perception of the team. If that makes sense.

All in all, Conference disparity and perception needs to be addressed in College Football. There's so much wrong with the NCAA on the College Football front that it's not even funny. Strangely enough, this are FAR more even in College Basketball … and I'd say the "rivalry" is far more legitimate on the basketball side than the football side. NCAA football and it's have and have not conference segregation needs to be addressed.

On another note, not much happening on the basketball front. However if any breaking news comes across be sure and post it here in the comments.