Now that 2013-2014 NBA schedules have been released, we can start debating how the Nuggets will fare with a much more balanced season than last year. Instead of an insane number of early road games, the Nuggets retain a mostly equal home/away split throughout. It gets difficult as the season winds down towards the end of March and April, with 10 of their last 12 contests coming against 2012-2013 Western Conference playoff teams (including 2 against the Rockets, 2 against the Spurs, 2 against the Grizzlies, and 2 against the Warriors – ouch), with 6 of those away from the Pepsi Center.

Can Kenneth Faried possibly become the best power forward in the NBA in the next 5 years? Sebastian Christian of ESPN Deportes seems to think so. He notes that “when he [Faried] develops his offensive game, he will be the best power forward in the NBA.” An interesting take when most of the other writers are busy fawning over Blake Griffin, Kevin Love and Anthony Davis.

Daily Links

14th overall pick Shabazz Muhammed sent home from NBA rookie transition program, brought female guest to room – I like ESPN's Fran Fraschilla's response to Shabazz' unfortunate situation:



NBA 2013 Schedule Analysis – SBNation’s Kevin Zimmerman provides a great breakdown of each NBA team’s back to back sets. The Charlotte Bobcats have the most (21), while the Denver Nuggets are tied with the New York Knicks for the least (14). I’m glad that the NBA finally decided to ease up on the back to backs for the Nuggets after years of 18, 19, and 20+ back to backs on the schedule.

Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller 'posterize' other NBA rookies – A fun video showing Oladipo and Zeller using a tiny basketball hoop to "dunk" on other unsuspecting victims. Dunks are always fun.