Rudy Gay has been traded for the second time in two seasons. Gay arrived in Toronto from Memphis last season and Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri wasted little time in sending Rudy out of town … this time to the Sacramento Kings and to his old pal Pete D’Alessandro.

When Ujiri and D’Alessandro were in Denver together, there had to be a conversation or two involving Rudy Gay. The Grizzlies were shopping him for the right buyer and people here on Denver Stiffs even suggested a Danilo Gallinari for Gay swap and this writer had compared Gallo (25 years old) to Rudy (27 years old) – being as they are both similar ages and play the same position.

It sure would have been interesting to hear what Ujiri and D’Alessandro thought about Rudy and if either guy ever entertained bringing him to Denver. Had it been D’Alessandro and not Tim Connelly hired in Denver, would Pete have tried to get Rudy in a Nuggets uniform? It’s an interesting question.

The Kings now have DeMarcus Cousins ($13 million), Ben McLemore ($2.8M), Derrick Williams ($5M), Isaiah Thomas ($884K), and Gay ($17.8M this season and $19.3M next season) to build around.

Here is how RaptorsHQ's Braedon Clark summed up the trade:

On August 9, 1974, Gerald Ford became the thirty-eighth President of the United States following the resignation of Richard Nixon. Soon after taking the oath of office, Ford gave a speech in which he tried to move the country past Watergate and the scandals of the Nixon years. It was a short speech, but one line in particular lived on.

"My fellow Americans," Ford said, "our long national nightmare is over."

My fellow Raptors fans, our long national nightmare is over, and we woke up from it yesterday. Rudy Gay is gone, sent to Sacramento for spare parts. It was a move that had almost nothing to do with this season and almost everything to do with the future. It was the second act in a plan that Masai Ujiri has kept hidden like a state secret – the first was the Andrea Bargnani trade. In less than six months, Ujiri has completely dismantled the roster Bryan Colangelo put together by trading one of his biggest acquisitions (Gay) and the player he just couldn't let go of (Bargnani). Unlike Ford, who controversially pardoned Nixon a month after taking office, Ujiri has done everything but hang a banner outside the Air Canada Centre that reads, "BRYAN COLANGELO SCREWED THIS TEAM UP."

Here is the trade breakdown:

Raptors get: Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson, Greivis Vasquez, John Salmons

Kings get: Rudy Gay, Aaron Gray, Quincy Acy

What do you guys think of this trade?