In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I share five concerns that I have with the roster as presently constructed. These are more or less minor concerns since I think the roster is better than it was last year and I think on the whole the team will be very good next year, but if the season is going to fall off of the rails, I think these five concerns will likely be the culprit.

I discuss the point guard position and how there isn’t a clear cut answer to who starts, who comes off of the bench, and who doesn’t play at all. All three of the point guards currently on the roster present pros and cons, risks and rewards. The backup point guard position is also a question mark since the second unit will likely play a lot differently than the starting lineup since Nikola Jokic is not usually on the court with the second unit.

Lastly, the crowded front court could lead to some interesting dynamics, roles, responsibilities, rotations, and lineup combinations that could spell trouble.

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