What a great day with lots of interesting interviews, photos, and news. Check out the live stream updates from the days events and also the recap to the days events. Check back tomorrow for the first of many CSG videos from today's event including Jeff Morton's interviews with Nick Johnson, Jusuf Nurkic, and more!

Denver Stiffs Media Day Recap.

From the recap:

If there was one star of show today it was new head coach Michael Malone. He answered everything that the press threw at him with poise and clarity. The clarity part was the most impressive to me. Last season, in what turned out to be my first ever press conference question, I asked Brian Shaw about the team's stagnation in half court offense. The question seemed to confound Shaw and his answer came across like a student who didn't read the chapter assigned for homework and now had his name called in the middle of class.

With Malone, not only were a lot of his answers illuminating, he seemed to understand all of the moving parts involved in the question and saw the core ideas behind each question from all angles. For example, I asked him about the defensive foul rate last season, since the Nuggets put their opponents on the line more frequently than any other team. First, he was already aware of that stat. Second, he noted how in Sacramento they had a similar issue (which I had already researched and was prepared to follow up). And lastly, he explained the way that fouls can be a product of both personal development and scheme, and that defending without fouling will be instrumental in the team's philosophy of fast breaking off of defense.

Lastly, our own Andrew Feinstein went on Mile High Sports radio, AM 1340 to talk about the Nuggets ahead of media day.