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Throughout the last week, the SB Nation blogs have been performing a Disney character draft. The Big Stiff took Mr. Incredible with the 16th pick for the Denver Nuggets, and I think that’s just playing the system. Marvel characters were excluded, and he still managed to get an actual super hero. That’s a pretty good move if you ask me. Taking some inspiration from them, I’m looking at some other Disney characters Denver could use to boost their title odds.

By this point, we all know what Denver needs and what they don’t. Thankfully, they don’t have to worry about replacing a star player, such as the Washington Wizards or Brooklyn Nets. Instead, they need to replace some key roles that are missing on this current roster construction. Getting these three Disney stars would make them arguably the favorites to win in Orlando.

A Defensive Ace

Dashiell “Dash” Parr – The Incredibles

Meaurements & Skills per Pixar Fandom: 4’ tall, 60 pounds, Super speed, durability & reactions

Denver has enough on the offensive end of the floor, but I need some more pop on defense. Taking a page out of Ryan’s book, I’m going with a guy that has super powers in Mr. Incredible’s son Dash. He will lock down anyone that has the ball, and he’ll give this team their Patrick Beverly to counter opposing guards.

Dashiell’s quick hands and reactions will allow him to stay in front of the shiftier guards that he’ll come across such as Donovan Mitchell or James Harden. For the year, Jamal Murray leads the team in steals per game with 1.4 per game, but I have no doubt that Dash would clear that mark with ease in the playoffs. Guards were try and set him up with shifty handles or run him into screens, but he’d be able to react before them and get his hands on the ball.

On offense, he’s probably going to be a non-factor. Even Isaiah Thomas would be able to outmatch him in size, and he doesn’t consistently display the jumping ability required to elevate enough to get his shot off. With the fast-break opportunities he would create, it would give everyone else more free shots.

A Rim Rocker

Corey the Manticore

Skills per Disney Wiki: Fire Breath, Strength, Flight, Paralyzing Venom

We don’t have the official measurements of the Manticore, but she’s described as a “Tall, lion-like woman with bat wings and a scorpion tale.” Basically, I’m getting Kenneth Faried back, and she can fly with the ability to breathe fire and paralyze defenders. Tell me that doesn’t sound super fun to watch Nikola Jokic throw lobs to a fire-breathing lion? If that doesn’t sound fun to you, you’re a liar.

The Manticore brings a new element to the offense that they aren’t getting from the rest of the roster. She can fly to the rim, and she’s not going to get bullied by centers on the way there. If she doesn’t paralyze them with a sting from her tale, she can create separation with her fire breath. She’ll have free runs to the rim all day. Also, flying isn’t traveling, so she can literally dunk endlessly.

On defense, her and Dash would create a nasty one-two punch. While Dash would be charged with slowing down guards, Corey would be locking up bigger wings like LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard, which are a specific player that has given them trouble all year. Someone gets a little to close, she just freezes them in place with her venom to create an easy transition opportunity for herself.

Enjoy this Faried highlight tape just because.

Use the Force

Anakin Skywalker – Star Wars

Skills per Wookiepedia: 6’1” & 250 pounds, Mastery of Sith & Jedi powers along with the Force.

For my final selection, I’m finishing off Denver’s needs. They need a guy that can knock down shots from anywhere. Who can do that better than just about anyone? A jedi that can control everything with their mind. Among rotation players, we have three guys that are knocking down 3-point shots at 40 percent or better which is good, but I want to have a lineup that features Jokic and four shooters.

I had a few options to go with here, and I could have gone with someone that only ever worked for the light side of the force. Here’s the thing, I want someone that’s going to help me win, and Anakin is arguably the strongest Jedi of all time. We’ve seen his abilities to manipulate the Force, and he’s not missing from 3-point land. With the mastery of the work of the Sith and the Jedi, there’s just no one that’s going to slow him down.

A lineup featuring Anakin, Monte Morris and Jokic would feature three players that can do whatever they want with the ball without turning it over. He’s not going to give me a ton on the defensive end, but that’s a risk I’m willing to run with how potent this offensive group would be. As long as I can keep him engaged to work with me, which could be difficult if he rebels under Michael Malone, I have a player with an extreme amount of power.

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