Will Barton was an integral part of this team’s incremental improvement last season, but he suffered the first significant injury of his career and his lost his way during the recovery. His confidence came in glimpses but flickered out in some crucial moments. 

“A little bit of both,” Barton replied during his exit interview when asked if he was frustrated or motivated by playing with the second unit by season’s end. “Frustrated about it about, but definitely motivated to come back even better. Just a tough season for me mentally, physically, everything. But that will motivate me. I’ll be good.”

That was not the season Thrill had in mind for himself. But don’t count him out, and don’t succumb to revisionist history about his work in seasons past. Barton has plenty to offer this team, and the latest challenges that life has presented him with will test his resiliency. He’s comfortable in that space.

Watch his exit interview: