Jamal Murray spoke with the media for the final time in the 2018-19 season as the Denver Nuggets were available for exit interviews Monday morning. Murray emerged as the Nuggets indisputable number two behind Nikola Jokic this season and grew up before our eyes as a playmaker. But his team came up short in a Game 7, and he struggled to hit shots in the final game of the season. Murray is the type that expects more of himself, but he took time to reflect on what this team has accomplished, and the possibility that this is only the beginning for one of the league’s youngest cores. 

“We made the playoffs for the first time,” Murray told the media. “We made it to two Game 7’s, both games we could have won; we did win one of them. But the one we lost, we had the game in our hands. We had the game at home. We fought all season for that to be at home.

“So I think (we should) use that to our advantage more, just have more focus, obviously have a better performance than we did—I did. Once everybody realizes how good we are, and the teams we shouldn’t lose to, then we’ll be really, really good.”

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