ESPN took a break from writing hatchet pieces on Nuggets GM Tim Connelly to heap praise on one of his draft picks, the Nuggets rookie center Jusuf Nurkic. In this, Henry Abbott and Coach Nick Thorpe talk about the Nuggets big man and basically go over things we already knew here in Denver about the Bosnian big man. They also talk about Alex Len.

It's interesting to see the lack of awareness going on though. After writing a piece that basically declared Nuggets GM Tim Connelly incompetent they heap praise on Jusuf Nurkic as if the other thing never happened. It's curious to me how this happened. This one pick doesn't validate Connelly, any more than Nurkic invalidates anything that ESPN thinks … however it's funny to me that they pretend as if the article never came out.

All that aside, it's nice to see Juka getting some national love. He is a great kid and for the first time in what seems to be many, many moons the Nuggets have a player they can be excited about without reservation. At least, in the small sample size we have sen.