ESPN The Magazine is holding a contest to give away a pair of Chauncey Billups’ special Adidas TS Creators from the Thanksgiving day game against the Hornets.

To enter you must send in the best moment you have witnessed in person at an NBA game.  Click on this link for all the details on how to enter.  

Don't have a special moment to share?  There is another way to acquire on of the special Chauncey Billups shoes.  If your pockets are deep enough you can assure yourself of garnering a pair as eleven other pairs will be sold on the NBA Auction website.

All proceeds will go to the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy.

Good luck to all who enter and check out the shoes in the pictures below.  One side has CB in black font and the other says GO BUFFS.  Both sides have Chauncey's nickname Mr. Big Shot in white cursive below the ankle.  Click on the pitcures to see a larger image.


What do you think?  Love 'em or hate 'em?