In a “what, are you kidding me” moment, according to a report by ESPN the Toronto Raptors supposedly offered Nuggets Vice President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri a contract for five-years at nearly $3 million per season to run their team. Now, this represents the FOURTH different rumor of the Toronto deal.

Read the article right here.

While in the perspective of player salaries that isn't a lot of money, in the GM world, five years and a sum total nearing $15 million is quite unusual. If this report is true, it shows that the Raptors are serious about luring Ujiri to Canada, and will pay enough money to off-set the extra heavy tax burden in the Great White North. Interesting approach by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment executive (and former Nuggets Team President) Tim Leiweke.

What will Ujiri do? On a purely business level one would not blame him for taking the money and saying "smell ya later" to the Nuggets. However, there is sentimental value in staying with the team you built over the course of three seasons. Yes, Nuggets fans, if this report is true … we may be hoping that sentimental value wins out over general monetary gains.

Can't wait for this to be over.