I always go through this when the season for the Denver Nuggets ends. What to do? The first couple weeks is always the hardest part and most of the time it’s a lot like adjusting to all the other elements of life that you put off. You get so consumed by every detail coming out of Pepsi Center that you let other things slip.

I know I do. I work two other jobs in addition to writing for Denver Stiffs and other sites, as well as the weekly Colorado Sports Guys podcast. It's amazing now that the Nuggets season is over, that couple hours during the day I devoted strictly to Nuggets news and info is left a bit empty. I think everyone, as fans, devotes that kind of time … it just so happens that I have been writing about it for three years. The routine is omnipresent, and you just get used to it.

I’ve found myself getting sucked into the Kings/Sonics saga. While I am certainly glad that the people of Sacramento get to keep their NBA squad, I am absolutely devastated for the people of Seattle who continue to anguish without a team. All that being said, I have no stake in that. It’s hard to thrust yourself headlong into something that doesn’t, and shouldn’t really involve you. It is fascinating though, and my truest hope is that very soon the Nuggets will be making their annual trek to the Pacific Northwest to take on both the Portland Trail Blazers and the Seattle Supersonics.

So we trudge on. As most of you may know, I am not the biggest fan of the NBA draft. A history of Nuggets draft busts and the reality that NBA prospects are just as likely to fail as they are to succeed has worn me down into a cynical husk. I found myself intentionally ignoring prospect information because I just couldn't be bothered. Someone like me is definitely not your go-to source for draft information, and Nate Timmons does an excellent job of covering different draft angles as well as listening for key prospects. Much of our readership is quite good at parsing out who has greater potential and that is what makes Denver Stiffs the go-to site for Nuggets coverage. Period.

I don’t really hit my stride until free-agency. That’s where I begin to take the greatest interest. It’s quite a bit like having two birthdays in one month when free agency gets started (free agency starts July 1st, my birthday is July 16th) and there’s nothing I like more than hunting for prospective free agents on the market for the Nuggets to sign. This year, re-signing Andre Iguodala and re-signing Masai Ujiri are the Nuggets biggest free agent priorities and I look forward to seeing what they have up their sleeve to improve the team going forward.

All that being said, how do you deal with the off-season blues? What do you do to fill the gap when the Nuggets aren't playing? Are you a draft junkie? Do you love free agency like me? Or do you just check out and then shuffle back around September?

Tell us your story.