The Denver Nuggets 140 point outburst against the Indiana Pacers in London last night left us with no shortage of highlights. Most of these involved some sort of ridiculous Nikola Jokic pass whether that was another over the shoulder no look lob for Kenneth Faried, or a 34 court inbounding outlet pass to a streaking Wilson Chandler. Not to be out done however was one Emmanuel Mudiay.

While Mudiay didn’t have the flashy passes of Jokic (though he did record seven assists in just twenty-one minutes of play) he did have one emphatic throw down that left Kevin Seraphin weeping. It was the type of play that shows the underlying athleticism and ability to get to the basket that Mudiay has, and the potential of that blossoming if he can finish consistently like he did on this play. Above all else though, it was a really impressive dunk, at least Jokic certainly seemed to think so!