In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I talk about the recurring thing I keep hearing around Denver Nuggets training camp: Emmanuel Mudiay looks GOOD!

In previous episodes of the show I talked about how slim Mudiay looked. Nuggets head coach Michael Malone noticed the same thing and mentioned that Mudiay has done a great job pushing the pace and controlling the ball.

“I tell you, he’s had some really good practices. This is practice number five today. I don’t know if you guys can tell but he’s a lot leaner. He’s lost weight, he’s in unbelievable shape, he’s pushing the ball with great pace, and he’s shooting the ball very well. Last night the white team dominated the blue team. And Emmanuel, Mason (Plumlee) and Torrey Craig were all a big part of that.”

“Every facet of Emmanuel’s game looks improved…his jump shot, his handle, his decision making, his pace, all aspects. You can tell he’s put a lot of work in this summer.”

This is music to the ears of Nuggets fans everywhere. After two rough seasons, it remains unclear just how much hope the team should have left in Mudiay and how much time they’d be willing to invest in letting him figure things out. If he is going to get minutes at the point guard spot, he is probably going to have to be head and shoulders above the competition. It sounds like he is getting off to a hot start.

Trey Lyles and Torrey Craig also earned high praise from Malone, as did Mason Plumlee.