It was great to see Emmanuel Mudiay back on the floor tonight. As much as it was tough watching him struggle last season and through the first half of this one, there is a joy that comes with watching him play when he plays like he did tonight that I’ve missed. Tonight’s game was a good example of one of those times. Mudiay was loose and free. He had a few really spectacular passes that reminded me why I was so high on him a year ago. And reminded me that he is just 21 years old. That in another era he’d still be just a junior in college.

In this episode, I recap the win over the Heat and all of my notes from the game. Topics include a great first half rotation, Nikola Jokic’s mismatch and point guard play, starting point guards vs bench point guards, and of course, Emmanuel Mudiay’s great game. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and leave a review.