Some people in the media want you to be cautious with your feelings about the addition of Andre Iguodala. Like a good friend, they want to warn their buddy about falling for another attractive mate. Once burned by Carmelo Anthony, some think the Nuggets could be burned again by Iguodala. With a player option season for the 2013-14 season, should Nuggets Nation take that cautious approach with Iguodala or be reckless with their hearts?

To know what to do, it might be best to get to know AI9 (part of his Twitter handle) and what he's all about. With the man in London for now, the best we can do is delve into the interwebs … let's go!

After being drafted 9th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2004, out of Arizona University, the Illinois native spent all eight of his NBA years in Philly.

Being traded for the first time, after a long-time, can leave a player feeling a little unwanted. But the fans in Philly have been showing their appreciation for Iguodala in a major way on Even Sixers CEO Adam Aron reached out to writer Michael Levin for his appreciation article (Andre Iguodala, You Were Great.) on Iguodala.

It's clear that AI9 was appreciated in Philly and perhaps even under-appreciated by a fan-base that should embrace a blue-collar guy, like themselves.

Back in 2007, after Allen Iverson was traded to our Nuggets, Iguodala appeared in an all-access segment on NBA TV. The focus on the five-minute video is to show that the Sixers were trying to build their team around Iguodala. He talks about how he hadn’t had to be leader since his high school days and how the process of becoming a vocal leader was taking some getting used to. He’s all about business in that video.

Jordan Sams from Liberty Ballers emailed me that Iguodala is a "pro's pro" and that the Denver fans will not have a hard time embracing his game. Andre appears to be a pretty serious guy with the media, but he has a lighter side as well.

Take a look at this video of Iguodala pulling a prank on teammate Evan Turner. The young Turner gets a nice face-full of baby-powder from the veteran. Obviously, players have a different and closer relationship with their teammates and the Nuggets are a close group. After the trade of Arron Afflalo, Corey Brewer reached out on Twitter letting the world know he would miss his teammate. I’m sure there were calls, texts, and other messages shared between the traded Nuggets and current Nuggets players. I’m eager to see how Iguodala interacts with his new teammates and what they all can grow together to accomplish.

In another YouTube video, Iguodala expresses his appreciation for his personal chef and claims that he makes a better burger than the ones at his favorite fast food burger spot, Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Lucky for Iguodala, there are plenty of locations in Denver and throughout Colorado. If he wasn't playing hoops for a career, Andre thinks teaching math might have been his path. He also discusses his younger playing days as being fun, with perhaps the realization that the NBA is more about business – good and bad. The joy of playing still remains with a lot of players, but you also see the veterans develop a different appreciation for the game and it appears Iguodala has reached that level. He is a guy who knows what he wants.

And a little more on the goofy side, Iguodala takes the time to answer some "this or that" questions from a reporter. In it he claims to like the city over the beach, a New York winter over a summer in Las Vegas, and working out as much as possible.

Iguodala seems like a very interesting guy. He's serious, but can also goof around. He's a veteran who appreciates showing the ropes to the younger guys. And he's one hell of a basketball player.

I choose to embrace the arrival of Iguodala and will appreciate watching him in Denver. He has said he mirrors his game after Scottie Pippen, one of my all-time favorite NBA guys. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do here.

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