As the 2020 NBA Draft approaches rapidly, Denver Stiffs has decided to expand to multiple mediums when covering the Denver Nuggets this offseason. We haven’t uploaded a YouTube video in over a year, so we decided to dust off the YouTube channel to cover the 2020 offseason through a different lens.

In this video, produced by Reilly Biller and narrated by Ryan Blackburn, Stiffs seeks to evaluate three draft prospects projected to be available with the 22nd overall pick. Those prospects are:

  • Arizona shooting guard Josh Green
  • Colorado forward Tyler Bey
  • Texas Christian guard Desmond Bane

All three offer distinctly different strengths, weaknesses, and projections in a Denver Nuggets uniform. Stiffs looked at the statistics and film to give a firm evaluation on whether drafting each of the three players was a good idea.

Check out the video below, and subscribe to the Denver Stiffs YouTube page for more content coming this offseason!