Lets face it folks, we kinda knew winning the NBA lottery was a long shot.

Due to the Nuggets (and New York Knicks) being merely mediocre and not terrible … the Nuggets ended up selecting 11th in the NBA Draft after tonight’s lottery. So it goes … so it goes. Can’t really be upset at this one because the minuscule chances the Nuggets had to move up was going to be an enormous hill to climb. It would be for any team.

Except the Cleveland Cavaliers who, inexplicably got the first pick in the NBA Draft AGAIN. This is becoming a really bad refrain. Three number one picks in the span of four years is undoubtedly unprecedented … it also opens up conspiracy theories. Although one is not entirely sure how or why the league would benefit from throwing this much favoritism at the Cavs. It just doesn’t make sense.

So now, the countdown to draft day begins, and the Nuggets hope to not find themselves in the lottery again next season. Multiple players are returning and there is the potential to trade their pick. Who knows what the future holds and it will be incredibly interesting to see what General Manager Tim Connelly has up his sleeve.

Thanks to all who came out for the Draft Lottery happy hour at Jake's Food and Spirits. While we didn't get the desired result, the great talk and 2 for 1 drinks helped out incredibly. Special thanks to my friend Matty who came out and stayed the whole time I was there. True friendship right here.

Now Stiffs, what happens next?