Our beloved Nuggets enter the 2015 NBA draft with high aspirations AND the 7th pick. Rumors have been swirling and it appears that this could be a very busy night for many teams. The war rooms are buzzing with different scenarios and fans are putting together some interesting scenarios themselves.

While the draft may only be a few hours away the results and impact of the draft are far away. This is a perfect time to reflect on past draft successes, surprises, busts, and trades.

The biggest Surprise that has stuck out to me during a Nuggets draft was Kenneth Faried being available with the 22nd pick. Yes, yes, I have been vocal about my dislike of Faried's game but when you boil it down, getting a player like Faried with the 22nd pick is GENIUS!

The biggest Success for a Nuggets draft in my opinion would have to be Deke. The Nuggets never brought in the big man for a workout and still got the brilliant defense anchor to become the face of the franchise. Deke altered the course of the 90's Nuggets.

The biggest Bust...well there have been a few of those unfortunately. But how can the answer NOT be Skita? Skita was a bust not only because of his play and impact but also because of the players we passed on to take him. I….I….I just can't continue reliving Skita…sorry.

The biggest Trade during a Nuggets draft has yet to come to fruition in my opinion. That New York Knicks pick is perhaps the biggest trade piece the Nuggets will have received from the Melo trade. With the Eastern Conference bound to get tougher it is an uphill climb for the Knicks to get back to the playoffs.

Only a few more hours left Nuggets Nation! The anticipation is exciting and exhausting! GO NUGGETS!