The Marcus Camby Myth has carried the Nuggets center to another honor. This time Camby has garnered a spot on the NBA’s all defensive team.

Yes, Camby is a very good shot blocker. Yes, he is a very good great defensive rebounder. But the best defensive center in the league?

Not a chance.

Marcus Camby cannot play man to man defense in the post against any player who weighs more than 225 pounds (other than Pau Gasol). He chooses not to play defense on the pick and roll in order to ensure he does not miss a chance to block a shot. How about his perimeter defense? Do not even ask. Good luck getting him out of the paint.

In fact, there were even games where Camby was on the bench n crunch time because he was a defensive liability!

Is that the resume of a first team all NBA defensive player?

Perhaps the voters, supposedly the 30 NBA coaches, just figured his offense is so bad, there must be some reason Marcus stays on the court.

You may wonder why I get so upset about this. I do not hate Marcus Camby. He is a vital part of this team, but the issue runs deeper than just Marcus Camby.

The stars on this team have big holes in their game, but they keep getting accolades such as all-star starts and first team defense awards so they do not see the need to make changes. They are changes to their games that are necessary for this team to go anywhere in the playoffs.

Next year, and probably forevermore, Camby is not going to step out and jump the ball handler when he comes off of a screen and he is not going to leave the paint to challenge his man. Why should he change anything when the NBA coaches keep voting for him as the best defensive center in the league?

Worst of all, he is going to miraculously gain 25 pounds of muscle so he can actually play man to man defense in the paint, but that is not really his fault.

Anyway, congratulations to Marcus Camby for finishing second in the defensive player of the year balloting and being named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team. I just wish I could say you deserve it.

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