The Stiff List more often than not serves as a way to call out those who have under performed, made poor decisions or acted inappropriately. However, it's important to remember that when Doug Moe coined the term it wasn't neccesarily meant to be negative. In fact it was more of a term of endearment. Moe's Stiff was a slow, non-athletic player who had a limited skill set but busted his butt nonetheless. We've tried to keep that going here at Denver Stiffs by inducting members of past rosters into the Sitffs Hall of Fame. Some have made it in due to their infamy but most make it in based of Moe's definition. So with that let's get this week's Stiff List started off with:

1. Kostas Papanikolaou

Papa was recently released by Denver, ending his very brief tenure with the team. Adrian Wojnarowski stated that it ended up being a numbers game with Kostas with his release being financially motivated. Papa fits the definition of a Doug Moe Stiff to a tee. He had no discernible skills that were anywhere close to elite at an NBA level and he certainly wasn't athletically gifted. He did however play as hard as he could every possession and be as big of a pest on defense as possible and for that, he makes our #1 Stiff of the week.

2. Robert Sarver

The Phoenix Suns organization seems to have taken up permanent resident on the Stiff List and unlike Papanikolaou, their spot on the list is anything but endearing. Upset with the performance of his team, Sarver, who is the owner of the Suns, decided to place the blame on a generation’s culture, stating that the issue was millenial culture being unable to deal with adversity. Hiring a coach with zero head coaching experience, hanging onto a disgruntled player, placing little to no value on the draft and collecting ALL the point guards has nothing to do with Phoenix’s struggles according to Sarver. Matt Moore at CBS summed it up in this piece perfectly. In related news, Sarver was recently seen yelling at some kids to get off his lawn.

3. Dirk Nowitzki

It's also important to point out that we like to have a little fun on the Stiff List as well. Nowitzki is of course a tremendous player and future hall of famer. However, as he found out last week, when you're headed towards the end of your career and attempting a flat footed dunk, that rim suddenly feels a lot taller.

4. Stan Kroenke

King Nugget himself makes the Stiff List this week. In Denver the Kroenkes have been great to us. The ownership situation prior to Stan coming in was a complete mess and he not only saved the team from a downward spiral that was rapidly approaching relocation, but also invested into making basketball in Denver a quality product and fan experience. That being said, Stan is still a businessman and when it comes to his NFL franchise he's made some cold-hearted business decisions. Despite growing up in Missouri, Kroenke has decided to move the St. Louis Rams to greener pastures in Los Angleles. I don't disagree with his line of thinking and an NFL team in LA is an absolute gold mine. However, his relocation proposal was rather harsh towards the city and fans who have loved the Rams for many years. Relocation is an emotional hot button issue and while what Kroenke said may not necessarily be untrue, its unfortunate the way it was worded.

5. Cancer

Virtually everyone has had a friend or family member who has eventually succumbed to cancer. The Nuggets organization knows it all too well as former coach George Karl and former player Nene both battled the illness during their tenure here. It's a nasty and heartbreaking disease that takes the common man, world class athlete and famous celebrity alike. Late last night news broke that David Bowie was the latest victim of it's clutches at age 69. It's kind of funny given that all he has accomplished, but I'll always remember Bowie best as the goblin king in the movie Labyrinth. Bowie of course was a cultural icon and musical god but I loved that movie as a kid and as young as I was some of his music just wasn't very appealing to me yet. Godspeed David, you truly will be missed.