Twitter can be a force for good or bad.

Twitter is a force for good when it’s used for tea lizard memes or to help those who have run into tough times and need a helping hand. Twitter is a force for bad when it’s used to harass women or share fake news, things that don’t contribute to a healthy society.

Twitter is at it’s best when good things happen to good people – and last night, a good thing happened to a good person.

If you’re unfamiliar with Serrano, he’s a creative mind that helps produce content like “Inner Monologues” or his thoughts on the enigma that is Brock Osweiler for The Ringer.

Serrano is the creator of a weekly newsletter, “Basketball and Other Things,” with illustrations by Arturo Torres. The title of the newsletter holds true for the content, but it’s no joke about the “and other things” part too – who else would be brave enough to write a mini romance novel about Kawhi Leonard?

This content is no longer available.

Serrano, who was born in San Antonio and lives in Houston (Texas forever), messed around and wrote a New York Times bestseller, “The Rap Year Book,” which is available for purchase where books can be found. If you buy his book, and send him a tweet about it, I’m not going to guarantee he’ll respond, but he’s probably going to respond and thank you for your decision to better your life.

The Nuggets reaching out to Serrano, who, by the way, is a Spurs fan (BOOOO), is a really cool thing for the team to do. Hooking someone up with courtside tickets and dinner is going above and beyond, and the team looks awesome when they do that. It’s really cool when they host fans, like they did last season when Nuggets fan Adrian Gonnella traveled to Denver from Melbourne and got the VIP treatment.

A few recommendations? Please let DJ Bedz, the Nuggets arena DJ, interview Shea and then post the interview online? There are going to be plenty of people that would want to listen to those two talk about music for an extended period of time.

I don’t know who the best rapper on the team is (I’m going to guess either Will Barton or Jusuf Nurkic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Malik Beasley could drop bars) but they should definitely have a rap battle with Shea.

The promotional schedule is probably already set, but having a “History of Rap” night with Shea in attendance would be appropriate too. Get Trev Rich out there for halftime or something, give the people what they want.