When contests will be posted on www.pickaxeandroll.com:


1.) Posted at 12 p.m. (mountain) Thursday, May 28th (Birdman shirt) Contest is over, Stephen and Battlecat won. The correct answers were: James Posey, Chris Herren, and Francisco Elson.

2.) Will be posted at 12 p.m. (mountain) Friday, May 29th (Chauncey Shirt) PosterNutbag winner. Correct answer: Kansas and Paul Pierce.

3.) Will be posted at 4 p.m. (mountain) Friday, May 29th (J.R. Swish) Winner: Brian, CO. Correct Answer: J.R. Smith (made the first three-pointer in Game 6 for the Nuggets)

4.)    Will be posted at 12 p.m. (mountain) Sunday, May 31st (Birdman Shirt). Winner: 5280. Correct Answer: Birman had 9 multiple block games in the 2009 post-season.



DeRailed T-Shirt contest:

There will be 4 total shirts given away. It’ll be made clear which shirt is given away in each contest.


-All answers must be EMAILED to me. Not listed in the comments section. My email address is [email protected].

-In the subject line of the email please write: T-Shirt Contest Answer (I get a lot of spam nowadays and not the tasty kind you can eat (yep, tasty spam!))

-In your email please provide:

  • Full Name (First and Last) (And your Pickaxe and Roll screen name)

  • Address (so I can send your shirt to you)

  • Any winner who does not submit the proper information will be disqualified and I’ll move on to the next correct answer. The information you send to me will not be stored or kept and will be discarded once you receive your shirt.

  • If there are multiple correct answers, I will take the first correct answer that I receive.

  • You can use any means to obtain trivia answers to trivia related questions. Google to your hearts content or any other means.

[email protected]