During my frequent marches into the Pepsi Center I began to notice some different Nuggets t-shirts among the swarm of individuals heading to the game.

Navy blue "Birdman" shirts with giant Powder Blue wings … and a shirt that depicted the U.S. penny with the slogan, "IN CHAUNCEY WE TRUST." I pointed the shirts out to my buddy Rory and he told me those were the DeRailed Ink shirts.

DeRailed Ink?

DeRailed Ink is a design shop focused on expressing social commentary through fashion and other media. Wicked Smart Art married with apparel and mixed media creating an instant vintage look.

DeRailed Ink was started out of a garage on the wrong side of town in Denver, CO.

Conceptually, DeRailed Ink’s mission is to provide cutting edge design and social commentary through artistic expression.

Robert Bell, the President and brain child of DeRailed Ink has an unsurpassed talent for wit and humor and is Western America’s fastest rising star in contemporary art.

John McCaskill, the big smiling, fast talking, no-talent-ass-clown-half of the company leverages his business experience and network to ensure DeRailed Ink isn’t just on the map to stay, but discovers a new world of Edge along the way.


After looking over their designs I knew I had to contact Rob and John and learn more. Much to my surprise, Rob is a casual reader of Pickaxe and Roll and wanted to help out his fellow Nuggets fans.

Derailed Ink was kind enough to donate some t-shirts to yours truly to send out to my loyal readers.

In the coming days Pickaxe and Roll will be having some email contests and the winners will be receiving their very own Nuggets themed t-shirt courtesy of DeRailed Ink.

Check back here at halftime tonight of Game 5 to see the rules for the giveaways and when the first giveaway will be.


  • You can visit Derailed Ink's website by clicking here to see all their designs and to make purchases.
  • Learn all about the Local Buzz surrounding DeRailed Ink by clicking here. They've been guests on Mile High Sports Radio AM 1510 and even boast Alfred Williams and Scott Hastings sporting their shirts.
  • You can also catch these guys outside of Brooklyn's before Nuggets home games (like GAME 6!!)

A preview of the three designs that will be given away:

The Birdman shirt:


via www.derailedink.com



via www.derailedink.com

The J.R. Swish shirt:


via www.derailedink.com






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