It took a few days to get them all in one place, but at last the Denver Nuggets held a press conference introducing all four of their 2016 draft picks to the local media. Jamal Murray and Malik Beasley opted for the dapper full suit look while Juancho Hernangomez and Petr Cornelie came in jeans (Juancho found slacks and a sport coat for the conference) but the day was all about the future of the Nuggets and all styles were welcome.

There were questions about when the Malik and Hernangomez were eager to get started, and Murray also sounded eager to get going. Press conferences with multiple interviewees are always awkward, but the young guys demonstrated some early grace in answering some of the questions. Tim Connelly talked about family basketball traditions and how these players grew up in serious sports households and had a huge love for the sport instilled from an early age.

Jamal Murray shows a cool demeanor in these sorts of interviews, while Beasley gave the same humble and hard-working vibe he's demonstrated throughout the whole process. Hernangomez stated he wants to come to Denver for this season but is open to being stashed in Europe for a year if that's the team's decision, and Cornelie (who seemingly is a legit 7 feet in loafers) is almost certainly being stashed. Connelly said all four were ranked higher than they were selected (as most GMs say about their players) but the next wave of talent Denver has for this year certainly looks good together.