Stiffs reader 808inDenverwas kind enough to offer up his seats (2 tickets and a parking pass) for tomorrow night’s game vs. the Sacramento Kings to give one loyal reader of this blog. The comment section is closed for this post (comments now open) and all answers must be emailed to me at: [email protected] … the questions after the jump.

The game: Denver Nuggets vs. Sacramento Kings, Wednesday March 30th at 7:00 p.m. MDT at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Trivia Questions: When the Nuggets tipoff tomorrow night's game against the Kings they will be going for win number 10 in the month of March. Now follow me here … there are four related questions and they are:

  1. In which season did the Nuggets last earn 10 or more victories in the month of March? (Example: the 2010-11 season.)
  2. What team (city and team name must be included) did the Nuggets defeat for their 10th win in the month of March that season?
  3. Who was the Nuggets' second leading scorer that night?
  4. How many points did the members of the opposition, who are now current Nuggets combine to score that night? And who are those players? 

Email your answers to: [email protected]

I will email the winner notifying him/her that they have won and I will coordinate with you how to get the two tickets and parking pass for tomorrow's game. The winner will have the correct answers to the questions and be the first to have emailed me the correct answers. The city and team name or team name must be included in the answer to question 2. Popular nicknames or just last names are acceptable for the players involved in questions 3 & 4.


Trivia Update:

The winner: Leah of Denver, CO.

In exchanging emails, Leah doesn’t have a handle name, but is a long time reader of Denver Stiffs. She had this to say about winning, “This will be just my second (Nuggets) game of the season! Can’t wait to see the new team in person, thanks so much.”

This contest was as close as it gets. Emails poured in starting just four minutes after the post was published. I don’t know how you Stiffs got to the answers so quickly, but great job. In the future I may need to make these even more difficult! It took me a lot more time to think up the question and add to it than it did for you all to send in the correct answers.

The runners-up were:

2nd Place: Jordan (no handle name included)
3rd Place: Ryan (no handle name included)

The first recognizable name in the contest was “NastyNessy71” and had he had the correct answers he would have been in 3rd place.

The correct answers:

  1. The Nuggets last won 10 games in March during the 2008-09 season.
  2. The Nuggets got their 10th win in March 2009 by defeating the New York Knicks 111-104 at the Pepsi Center.
  3. Nene was the Nuggets second leading scoring that night with 18 points.
  4. Current Nuggets, Al Harrington (23) and Wilson Chandler (13) combined for 36 points on the night for the Knicks.

Thanks to everyone for sending in your answers, over 40 emails came in within the hour.


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