Zach Mikash and Gordon Gross get their thoughts out on the Denver Nuggets falling to the Minnesota Timberwolves in seven games. The guys start the show talking about some unfortunate events that happened at and following the end of the game before diving into what the heck happened that made Denver blow a 20 point second half lead. They talk about the factors that led to the Nuggets being unable to beat Minnesota in this series and whether a difference in philosophy between the front office and the coaching staff is to blame. For the second half of the show the guys look towards the offseason and what moves, if any, the Nuggets should make to get back to the promised land next season.

Denver Nuggets lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves in 7

  • How did the team blow a 20 point lead?
  • Was Minnesota simply the better team?
  • Why couldn’t the Nuggets get it done on the whole?

What’s next for the Nuggets

  • What rotation player do you not expect to be on the roster next season?
  • Can the Nuggets add anything in the draft
  • What options are their in free agency?