The guys are back with another episode of the Denver Stiffs Show. In this week’s show Zach Mikash and Gordon Gross try to calm everyone’s fears after the Denver Nuggets took two ugly losses in a row. The guys talk about the circumstances that led to both blowouts and how the Nuggets did themselves no favors with the handling of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Jamal Murray’s injuries. Next the guys move on to the upcoming matchup against the Sacramento Kings and how they expect the Nuggets to be firing on all cylinders regardless of who gets cleared to play. Finally, the show wraps up with a discussion on All Star games, and the dunk contest specifically, and how they’ve lost their luster over the years so much so that nobody even cares anymore.

Back to back blowout losses for the Denver Nuggets

  • How much should we read into the losses to the Sacramento Kings and the Milwaukee Bucks?
  • How bad do the Nuggets need the upcoming break?
  • Do you consider the Bucks a threat to beat the Nuggets in the Finals?

Sacramento Kings game

  • Expecting Denver to bounce back?
  • Is Domantas Sabonis a guy who Denver should worry about matching up with in the playoffs?

All Star Break

  • Has the dunk contest died?